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Yasmeen Engelbrecht is a Psychologist, Coach and Writer. She is known as the “Office Oracle” from her monthly column in Marie Claire magazine, and as the “Wellness Guru” from her weekly wellness feature on Radio 702.

Yasmeen spends her time between New York and Johannesburg, living and teaching her passion. Trained at New York University and the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, Yasmeen, also has two internationally recognised coaching qualifications accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF-USA).  In her work she follows a gentle, eclectic approach and is passionate about the unique, often mysterious, paths to healing and growth.

Details on practice in Johannesburg

When in South Africa, Yasmeen practices from her home/office apartment in Blackheath. The current rate for face to face private sessions is R1350 or $90 (which is a reduction in price now that she works from home); online sessions on Skype or Zoom are also available at R1050 or $70; the cost for participating in group work depends on type of group. Please note, although a cash practice, clients are able to claim back from their respective medical aids. 



Unit no 4, La Colomba, 278 Pasteur Road, Blackheath, 2195. Please, buzz 4 when you arrive, then turn right or left immediately to park. Walk up the driveway and turn right at the end. Take the stairs on your RHS and turn left at the top of the stairs. 

For private sessions or quarterly workshop bookings please contact us using the details below.

SA: +27 76 843 3146 / USA: +1 929 394 2239 /


“I didn't think it was possible to laugh during sessions, but Yasmeen is as funny as she is insightful.”

- Anne, Entrepreneur, Actress

“I thought I'd have to stay in this process for years but Yasmeen’s practical insights shifted my world in the first few sessions.”

- Mfundi, Business Owner

“I loved her meditative journaling techniques. I still use it every day to keep me motivated and on track.”

- Veron, Advertising Executive

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