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 “The 7 Steps” is the work I live and teach all over the world. It is a system refined over years of professional experience and combines deeply embedded psychological and universal principles. Simply put, the “7 Steps” will show you how to get what you want – whatever you want. Whether that is blissful abundance, a happy, holy relating or spiritual evolution – the “7 Steps” is an inch by inch guide to getting it. Once learnt the steps become an invaluable life tool that we hope you will share with your children and loved ones. The work is revolutionary and requires an open mind and heart and is not for the feint hearted.

The Path of Authentic Desire
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“I thought I'd have to stay in this process for years but Yasmeen’s practical insights shifted my world in the first few sessions.”

- Mfundi, Business Owner

"The work is to stay awake to the only question that can identify authentic desire." - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

Learn the 7 Steps to Mastering Creation!

Group Course

This is for those that learn well in vibrant group settings. Once a week we meet online and go through our new step. You then apply it to your own goals and dreams. If you hit a block we show you how to dissolve it. At the end of class you receive optional exercises to apply the step in the week ahead.


In our fun, freedom respecting space you can speak a lot or not, have your video visible or not, and if you miss a session no stress - they all recorded. We limit our class nos so that everyone sufficiently dissolves their blocks to begin getting what they want.

Individual Course

If you learn and integrate better working on your own this option is for you. Each week you will receive a private class in your inbox, introducing you to a new step, with clear guidelines on how to apply it to the various areas of your life.


Classes include special focus on desires relating to money and relationships. The class ends with optional fun exercises to immediately begin applying the step you’ve just learnt.

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