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The Path of Authentic Desire: Online Group Course

"The Path of Authentic Desire — 7 Steps to Getting What You Want and going to the end of Who You Are" is an inch by inch guide to getting what you want, whether it’s financial freedom, healthy relationships, spiritual evolution… Or a new car. The system is rooted in the discipline of psychology and the laws of nature. 

How It Works

Once a week in the comfort of your home you will simply click the link that arrives in your inbox, connecting from your laptop or phone.  The link will take you into our online class where you can turn your video on or off, you can also share as little or as much as you want - freedom is an important element in our work. And, if you miss a session no stress, they’re all recorded.

During the course, you will also receive 4 complimentary videos on how to use journaling and meditation to strengthen your creator muscle.  

Email for more details and discounts.

The Path of Authentic Desire
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"Yasmeen's work is revolutionary and it changes lives for the better in mystical ways, and more. I am grateful to have been a student." - Lebogang, Joburg

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