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What is the difference between Psychology and Spirituality?


Firstly, the word "spirituality"... well, we still haven't found the right word to describe the indescribable but “spirituality” is the best we’ve come up with so far. While spirituality is an attempt to describe the unknown, psychology is the vehicle, the space ship, we use to explore the unknown. Our job is to learn how to operate our space ships.

“Spirituality is the Everything that psychology points to but cannot map.” - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

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What is the difference between Psychology and Spirituality?


Firstly, the word “spirituality” is the closest we’ve come to describing something that is indescribable. We still haven’t found the right word but “spirituality” is the best word we’ve found to date. While spirituality is an attempt to describe the indescribable, psychology is the vehicle we use to navigate it. Our job is to learn how to operate our space ships.

“Magic” – Harnessing our Infinite Potential

“Magic” – Harnessing our Infinite Potential
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“Magic is a way of accessing our Infinite Potential." - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

Some call it “Magic” I call it knowing how to get what you want. In this 4 week compact course we’re going to learn how to access just a little more of our mental capacity. We all know that we only use between 10% and 20% of our mental capacity, this course is about reaching for just a little more to start creating what we want, consistently. 

In this 4 week course we will learn:

  • How to get what we want - consistently

  • How to harness and direct the power of the subconscious

  • How to speak the language of the subconscious

  • How to become what we are – infinite potential

The 3 Non Negotiable Tools: Learn how to Journal, Meditate and use your Breath

In this compact 4 week course you will learn the three lifelong tools for living through change and dissolving fear.


  • Learn how to journal   

  • How long to journal for   

  • How to utilize journal notes for self development  

  • How to use journaling to regain the ability to feel

The 3 Non Negotiable Tools
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  • Learn why meditation is the hardest thing ever    

  • The one thing we have to do to make it possible to meditate  

  •  Learn how to outwit the mind to stay in meditation for progressively longer periods   

  • Learn the 3 minute meditation to start your journey



  • Learn how to use breath-work to integrate our daily sensory overload   

  • How to use breath for physical and mental health 

  • Learn how to use breath to induce directed self hypnosis  

  • Learn how to use  breath to dissolve fear and stress

Email for more details and discounts.

“I tell my clients if they journaled and meditated daily, shrinks would go out of business."

- Yasmeen Engelbrecht

How to use our “aha” moments

“Money and relationship blocks run way too deep, often over generations, they need more than talk therapy." - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to remember something that in the moment seems like the most important thing in the world? The challenge particularly with money and relationships is that our “aha moments,” our new insights, whether gained in therapy or in chatting to our friends, happen only at an intellectual level. They can make no difference to our lives until our emotions catch up with them.

“Wild and free - this woman changed my life.” - Christai, Kingston, Jamaica

In this 4 week, fun, practical course we will learn how to do the catching up - quickly. We will learn how to use our body, breath and the subconscious to successfully concretize our “aha moments” - moving from knowing what to do to actually doing it. Allowing for true and lasting change.

As always fun and freedom lead the way.

Email for more details and discounts.

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