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Yasmeen Engelbrecht is a Psychologist, Coach and Creator of “The Path of Authentic Desire  7 Steps to Getting What You Want and going to the end of Who You Are." The system is an inch by inch guide to getting what you want.


Yasmeen is known as the Office Oracle from her Marie Claire column and as the Wellness Guru from her radio feature. She spends her time between New York, and Johannesburg living and teaching her system.

Therapy and Coaching

"Can you trust truth more than you can trust yourself?" - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

Therapy and Coaching
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“I thought I'd have to stay in this process for years but Yasmeen’s practical insights shifted my world in the first few sessions.”

Mfundi, Business Owner

“Do I need therapy?”

Click here for a simple 3 minute self administered test, that could help you answer this life altering question. Remember, the bottom line is that therapy accelerates growth.


Yes, we may get there on our own but therapy gets us there quicker and less painfully. 


South Africa: R1300

USA: $120

Jamaica: 9437JMD

To book a session with Yasmeen or learn more, contact us below.

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