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Do I need therapy?

This short quiz is designed to assist you in answering the above question and to indicate if you would benefit from seeing a therapist. It is not a diagnostic tool. Please remember, if you are suffering from feelings that are affecting your daily functioning, seek immediate treatment. 

To take the quiz, simply answer the following 10 questions bearing in mind how you have felt or behaved in the last few months. For each item, record a Yes or No answer in your workbook. 

  1. I am concerned about a behavior, feeling, or thoughts I have. Yes/No

  2. The behavior, feeling or thoughts seem to be getting worse. Yes/No

  3. I am finding it more difficult to cope with things than usual. Yes/No

  4. I have tried working through it on my own. Yes/No

  5. My attempts to work it through on my own have not been successful. Yes/No

  6. I have unexplained physical ailments and a rundown immune system. Yes/No

  7. I have discussed what’s troubling me with my friends or family. Yes/No

  8. I have searched about what’s troubling me online or I’ve read a book about it. Yes/No

  9. I am open to talking things through that bother me. Yes/No

  10. I've been in therapy before and it's helped me. Yes/No

Less than 4 yes answers: indicates you probably do not need to see a therapist at this time.

4 or more yes answers: indicates that you would probably benefit from seeing a therapist as you are likely grappling with a challenge that is of concern to you. A safe space to work through your challenge would probably benefit you.

Remember, feelings of anxiety when considering therapy or going to a therapist for the first time is normal.  Even psychologists going to a new therapist report high levels of anxiety. The bottom line is this - it is hard to go to therapy and not gain some benefit from it. Yes, we may eventually solve our challenges on our own but therapy gets us there quicker and less painfully. 

Bear in mind, not all psychologists are the same. So, do your homework and shop around. If you don’t feel your therapist gets you or if you don’t feel heard after a few sessions consider finding someone new. Remember to ask if your therapist has ever been reported to the medical board for any perceived infringements and the school of psychology he or she works within. 

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