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"Authentic Desire is what we would want in the absence of fear." – Yasmeen Engelbrecht

Yasmeen Engelbrecht is a psychologist, coach and creator of "The Path of Authentic Desire — 7 Steps to Getting What You Want and going to the end of Who You Are." Yasmeen is known as the Office Oracle from her Marie Claire column and the Wellness Guru from her radio work. The Wild Shrink spends her time between New York and Johannesburg "following her joy with as little regard for consequence as possible."

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For South Africans
7 Dos and Don'ts for the Next Few Days

1. Disengage "Rambo Mode"

We have to stay vigilant but we have to start adjusting the level. We cannot stay in this hyper aroused state, the body will eventually crack. So, put away the phone for blocks of time, hide it from yourself if you have to. If you have a partner split the time spent on the phone checking for latest developments. Each time you read something anxiety provoking the body is being hyped up. 

2. TV Viewing

No action or horror movies for the next few days. Don't retraumatize yourself. Watch comedies or light hearted stuff. 

3. No Strenuous Exercise for Next Few Days

Our hearts have been taxed enough. So light stretching, super light workouts, gentle walks, etc. Remember, trauma cannot be dealt with cognitively - it sits in the body. So breath work is super important. Also consider chi qong, yin yoga, etc. These methods engage the parasympathetic nervous system which is super important right now. Remember the body doesn't give way during the fight it gives way as we begin to normalize, which is now!!

4. Retake Control of Your World

We were helpless but we are not anymore, signal this shift to your brain. Clean your house like you would if potential buyers were coming to view it. Get back into your routine, get outside and walk around your complex. Play your favourite songs and sing along.

5. If You are a Meditator

Consider doing light body work, stretching before sitting for your meditation. The mind is way too engaged/hyped up to go directly into meditation.

6. Give Yourself at LEAST One Good Cry

Save on future health costs, do the breath and body work now and if tears come up (and they will if you are going deep and slow enough) please allow them. Remember what we can handle intellectually far outstrips what we can emotionally. You are now a victim of trauma, treat yourself as such, treat wourself with kid gloves.

7. Up the Immune Boosters

Double your take of Vitamin C (the wonder drug) for the next few days. Up the magnesium intake and take it at night to calm the body and induce sleep. Remember to cut your sugar as sugar directly suppresses the immune system. 

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The Path of Authentic Desire —  7 Steps to Getting What You Want and going to the end of Who You Are

For many around the world practicing deliberate creation, this system has closed the gaps and answered the lingering questions, allowing them to move from novice to Master Creators. 

The 7 Steps is an inch by inch guide to getting what you want, whether it’s financial freedom, healthy relationships, spiritual evolution… Or a new car. The system is rooted in the discipline of psychology and the laws of nature. The fun, easy-to-apply steps show you how to outwit fear, dissolve limitation and manage self-sabotage. You will also learn how and when to apply the naturally occurring laws of creation including what is known as the law of attraction. 

Email info@wildshrink.com for more details and discounts.

"Yasmeen's work is revolutionary and it changes lives for the better in mystical ways, and more. I am grateful to have been a student." - Lebogang, Joburg

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The Path of Authentic Desire

How to Become your Own Shrink

I tell my clients “at the end of the day we all have to become our own shrinks”.  In this 4 week course we will learn how to do exactly that – how to become our own therapists and our own coaches.  

How to Become Your Own Shrink
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In this 4 week course we will learn 4 lifelong tools:

  • The questioning technique that allows truthful answers to arise naturally in you

  • How to integrate and use those big insights, those “aha” moments

  • How to set the frame for a sessions with yourself

  • Finally, we learn the primary skill required to master self introspection

Email info@wildshrink.com for more details and discounts.

Therapy and Coaching

Therapy accelerates growth. Yes, we may get there on our own but therapy gets us there quicker and less painfully. 


In my work as a psychologist I draw from diverse knowledge systems including Inner Child Work, Psychoanalysis, Hypnotherapy and my own method “The Path of Authentic Desire — 7 Steps to Getting What You Want and going to the end of Who You Are." 


My therapeutic and coaching approach is gentle, effective and fun. 

Come play with me...


Click here for a 3 minute self administered test, to help answer this big question.

Therapy and Coaching
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“What would you want if you were what you truly are?” - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

“Magic” – Harnessing our Infinite Potential

“Magic” – Harnessing our Infinite Potential
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“Magic is a way of accessing our Infinite Potential." - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

Some call it “Magic” I call it knowing how to get what you want. In this 4 week compact course we’re going to learn how to access just a little more of our mental capacity. We all know that we only use between 10% and 20% of our mental capacity, this course is about reaching for just a little more to start creating what we want, consistently. 

In this 4 week course we will learn:

  • How to get what we want - consistently

  • How to harness and direct the power of the subconscious

  • How to speak the language of the subconscious

  • How to become what we are – infinite potential

8 Week Group Online Course

Move from an unwitting Creator to a Master Creator in 8 weeks

If you learn well in vibrant group settings this is for you. Once a week we meet online and go through our new step. You then apply it to your own goals and dreams. If you hit a block we show you how to dissolve it. At the end of class you receive optional exercises to apply the step in the week ahead.

"Words are not enough to thank Yasmeen. I manifested my authentic desire during the work! I now love myself very much, this I learnt through the work." - KB, Pretoria

In our fun, freedom respecting space you can speak a lot or not, have your video visible or not, and if you miss a session no stress - they all recorded. We limit our class nos so that everyone sufficiently dissolves their blocks to begin getting what they want. In addition, you will also receive 4 complimentary videos on how to use journaling and meditation to strengthen your creator muscle. 

Email info@wildshrink.com for more details and discounts.

The 3 Non Negotiable Tools: Learn how to Journal, Meditate and use your Breath

In this compact 4 week course you will learn the three lifelong tools for living through change and dissolving fear.


  • Learn how to journal   

  • How long to journal for   

  • How to utilize journal notes for self development  

  • How to use journaling to regain the ability to feel

The 3 Non Negotiable Tools
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  • Learn why meditation is the hardest thing ever    

  • The one thing we have to do to make it possible to meditate  

  •  Learn how to outwit the mind to stay in meditation for progressively longer periods   

  • Learn the 3 minute meditation to start your journey



  • Learn how to use breath-work to integrate our daily sensory overload   

  • How to use breath for physical and mental health 

  • Learn how to use breath to induce directed self hypnosis  

  • Learn how to use  breath to dissolve fear and stress

Email info@wildshrink.com for more details and discounts.

“I tell my clients if they journaled and meditated daily, shrinks would go out of business."

- Yasmeen Engelbrecht

8 Week Private Online Course

If you learn and integrate better working on your own this option is for you.

Each week you will receive a private class in your inbox, introducing you to a new step, with clear guidelines on how to apply it to the various areas of your life.


Classes include special focus on desires relating to money and relationships. Each class ends with optional fun exercises to immediately begin applying the step you’ve just learnt.

During the course, you will also receive 4 complimentary classes on how to use journaling and meditation to strengthen your creator muscle.  

Email info@wildshrink.com for more details and discounts.

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"Follow your joy with as little regard to consequence as possible."

- Yasmeen Engelbrecht

How to use our “aha” moments

“Money and relationship blocks run way too deep, often over generations, they need more than talk therapy." - Yasmeen Engelbrecht

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to remember something that in the moment seems like the most important thing in the world? The challenge particularly with money and relationships is that our “aha moments,” our new insights, whether gained in therapy or in chatting to our friends, happen only at an intellectual level. They can make no difference to our lives until our emotions catch up with them.

“Wild and free - this woman changed my life.” - Christai, Kingston, Jamaica

In this 4 week, fun, practical course we will learn how to do the catching up - quickly. We will learn how to use our body, breath and the subconscious to successfully concretize our “aha moments” - moving from knowing what to do to actually doing it. Allowing for true and lasting change.

As always fun and freedom lead the way.

Email info@wildshrink.com for more details and discounts.

Free Webinar

How to Dissolve Your Psychological Blocks to Manifesting what you Want

In this fun and wild session we will learn how to identify and dissolve your particular psychological blocks when creating, manifesting or applying the law of attraction (whatever language you use when talking about how you get what you want). Because we want to get through as many practical tools and questions as possible the number of spaces have been limited. Please sign up as soon as you can if the work speaks to you. 

You will learn:


  • Why authentic desire is the biggest gap in the creation process

  • How to identify and dissolve self sabotage

  • How to harness and direct the power of your subconscious towards what you want

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FREE 4 Week Introductory Course to the "7 Steps to Mastering Creation"

"Master Creators are Master Feelers." 

- Yasmeen Engelbrecht

"I’ve been hitting and missing with the law of attraction for years not knowing I had to dissolve my psychological blocks first. Thank you Yasmeen!” - Kerry, New York.

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