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Are you lazy or not directed by Authentic Desire?

Stop misdiagnosing yourself. Let’s take one of the most common examples of self misdiagnoses - laziness. When we lack energy and enthusiasm we often conclude that we are lazy. Not knowing that more often than not "laziness" is not the problem but in fact our painful experience is a consequence of not knowing our authentic desires.

When we have identified true desire, we automatically feel fired up by it. When we know our authentic desire we could not, not advance towards it, even if we tried! However, with the diagnosis of “laziness” in hand, we start down a path - we buy books on the subject, dutifully attend courses on motivation and talk to others about it. We feed our incorrect diagnosis.

The danger particularly if we are psychologically-minded is that the journey of misdiagnoses is psychologically fascinating even enthralling and can therefore continue without an end in sight. At first we conclude that we are lazy, next we decide that actually we have an issue with commitment. Then, we pull out the big guns on ourselves - declaring low self-worth. On and on we go, one misdiagnosis leading to the next, wasting our energy, time, money and often our lives.

Remember, until we have the know how and courage to answer the question “what is my authentic desire?” we simply have no right to ask ourselves “what is wrong with me?”

Extract from: "The Path of Authentic Desire —  7 Questions to become what you are through getting what you want."

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