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How do I become Authentic?

Authentic is who we would be in the absence of fear – the person we were meant to be. Fear of course is all pervasive and this is why we see so little authenticity in politics, in the bedroom and in ourselves. It is even difficult to imagine a world without fear. Yet, this is the work – to discover the person we would be and the life we would have in the absence of the influence of fear.

Authenticity is not something, as many have discovered, that we can work on directly. Authenticity is a rare, elusive and fragile quality that comes as a consequence of authentic choice – it is only when we choose authentically that we get to live authentically. Each fruition of an authentic desire results in us experiencing an authentic life experience and with enough authentic life experiences we ourselves achieve the rare fragrance of authenticity. Through the course correcting guidance of our authentic desire ie. making our initial choice beyond the grip of fear, we finally discover the relationships we’d be in, the money we’d be making and the sex we’d be having if we were exploring these elements of our lives in the absence of fear. Each authentic choice we make takes us closer to the person we set out to be. And no, it is never too late to return. Just one correct choice and we are back on the path. Our lives quickly start to reconfigure and congeal around the authentic choice. When we become the person we would be in the absence of fear we discover our true face – we become who we are, not the version of ourselves required in a particular context. At this point our unique gift come to the fore to and we can now offer this to the world.

Authenticity is a hard won quality and a rare achievement. It is an irresistible gift that is immediately recognised and rewarded by a world hungry for it.

Extract from "The Path of Authentic Desire —  7 Questions to become what you are through getting what you want."


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